Appendix & Resources

Resources from Chapters

Chapter 1: Get Started

Chapter 2: Marketing

Chapter 3: Products & Services

Chapter 4: Legal

Chapter 5: Fundraising
  • Fundraising Pipeline Template.xls
  • The Foundation Center
    1. The Foundation Directory Online is a powerful database with over 100,000 grantmakers and recent grants that is easily searchable.
    2. The Center's libraries are located in New York, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. Several public and university libraries provide access to the online directory for free and other foundation center resources.
  • Grantspace
    1. Hosted by The Foundation Center, Grantspace offers another searchable database with answers to thousands of FAQs, example grant proposals, letters of inquiry, etc.
    2. Grantspace lists the Foundation Center's classroom training courses. Some are for free and others for a fee.
  • Ahern Communications
    1. Excellent example case statements, useful advice, and fundraising appeal letters. Free and online.

Chapter 6: Social Impact

Chapter 7: Organization Development


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